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  1. From the main screen, select “Edit” from the toolbar on the top left of the screen.
  2. editcredentials-1

  3. In the drop down menu, select “Credentials.”
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  5. A new window will open titled “Credentials.”
  6. To Add a Credential to the list, click on the add icon.
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  8. A “New Credential” line will appear at the bottom of the current list.
  9. Enter the Credential Type, Name, Abbrv., and a Description.
  10. In addition, check the “Lifetime” box if the credential does not need to be renewed.
  11. editcredentials-4

  12. To Edit a Credential, select the Credential line you wish to edit
  13. Double-click in the specific section of the Credential to edit that section.
  14. editcredentials-5

  15. To Delete a Credential, select the Credential line you wish to delete and click on the delete icon.
  16. editcredentials-6

  17. Once you are done entering all of your data, save and close the file by clicking on the “OK” button. If you do not wish to save the changes you have made, simply click the “Cancel” button.
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