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This document is to show the user how to utilize Credential Effective Dates. We will review setting up Credential Effective Dates in the Funding Source record, as well as, what to expect when reviewing Staff Records, Scheduling, and the Scheduling Genie.

The key benefits to using Credential Effective dates are as follows:

  • To give the user the option to indicate when funding source service credential requirements are in effect.
  • Allow changes to credential requirements regardless of whether or not appointments exist for the service being updated. Please note, appropriate validation warnings will be displayed.
  • Provide validation warnings when changes to a staff member’s qualifications may affect existing appointments.
  • In scheduling, when validating appointments based on new funding source requirements or changed staff qualifications, validations will bypass any appointments that are already rendered.
  1. To begin, start within a Funding Source record and click on the Services tab.
  2. Next, select the Service you wish to add or edit a Credential Effective Date for.
  3. Then select the Credential that needs to be added or edited.
  4. Once you have selected if the credential “Requires Filing” and/or is the “Primary Credential”, then you will see two columns named Start Date and End Date. These are the Credential Effective Dates.

  5. Please keep the following in mind while entering a Credential Effective Date.

    • A blank start date means all unrendered appointments up until the effective end date will be validated. Likewise, a blank effective start date means all unrendered appointments on and after the effective start date will be validated.
    • If both start and end date are blank, all unrendered appointments will be validated.
  6. To enter a Start Date or End Date, click with in the field. The current date will be display.
  7. Click on the selection box to enable the Start Date or the End Date.
  8. To adjust the date, either type in the appropriate date or use the dropdown calendar to select the wanted date.
  9. When the Funding Source record is saved, a warning message will be displayed if there are any existing appointments that will not meet the new credential requirement.
    1. The warning will distinguish rendered appointments from unrendered with the explanation that rendered appointments may not be billable, while unrendered appointments will get validation warnings and will not be render-able until the staff’s qualifications are fixed or until a new staff member is assigned to the appointment.
  10. With the warning message displayed,
    1. Click on OK to proceed to save and close the record.
    2. Or click on Cancel to review the credential.
  11. To see the affected appointments, click on the Credential Warnings tab within the Funding Source record. Here all existing appointments that do not meet credential requirements will be listed.
  12. Click on the Export button to export the affected appointment list to Excel. This data is to be used to analyze which staff’s qualifications need to corrected and/or which appointments will need another staff member assigned to them.
  13. Next, let’s review Credential requirements and Staff records.

  14. If a staff member’s qualifications are updated and as a result, existing appointments will not satisfy the Funding Source’s Credential requirements, upon saving the user will be warned and the update will be allowed. Similar to Funding Source Service Credential requirement updates, the error message will distinguish between existing rendered and unrendered appointments.
  15. Moving on to the Scheduling component of Credential Effective dates.

  16. When schedule appointments are validated to ensure that the service provider’s qualifications meet the funding source’s required credentials, the validations will only be applied if the appointment date falls within the Funding Source’s credential effective dates and the appointment is not rendered.
  17. here are two ways for the validation message regarding the Credential Effective Dates to be displayed on the schedule.
    1. Validate/save already created rendered and/or unrendered appointments, after removing the required credentials for that service on a staff member’s record.
    2. Attempt to validate/save rendered and/or unrendered appointments using a staff member that does not meet the credentials requirement for the service beforehand.

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