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This guide will show the user how to use the RBT Supervision feature within the staff appointment in NPAWorks. Please note, there is a nominal fee for usage of this optional feature. If you would like to use this feature, please contact your Support Account Manager to complete the contract.

    1. Please keep the following in mind when using the RBT Supervision feature.
      1. The RBT Supervision tab will only be displayed on staff member’s appointments that have been authorized to “provide” supervision from within their staff records.
      2. These authorized staff members will be able to view service appointments for staff who “require” supervision and have mutual clients on their caseloads.
      3. The supervising staff will be able to view overlapping non-service payroll and non-service, no payroll appointments for staff who require>
    2. Now let’s move onto using the feature. Beginning on the main screen of your NPAWorks database
      1. Click on “Staff” located on the left hand side of the window.
      2. Select the name of the staff’s calendar you wish to edit.
      3. To open the selected staff’s calendar, click the calendar with the red pin located on the top toolbar.


    1. With the staff’s calendar window open
      1. Select the date of the appointment from the mini calendar on the right side of the window.
      2. Double click on the appointment you wish to view or modify the RBT Supervision.


    1. The appointment will be displayed.
      1. At the top of the appointment, select the tab named “RBT Supervision”.


    1. With the “RBT Supervision” tab displayed, you will see all overlapping appointments that fall under the RBT Supervision parameters listed above
      1. Note, the RBT appointments will be organized by Agency, with the Supervisor’s home agency appearing first. All other agencies will be listed after in alphabetical order.
      2. The Supervisor’s appointment information, including the date and time, will be displayed next to “My Appointment” at the top of the window.
      3. The user can view the overlapping appointments by
        1. Using the expand and collapse buttons next to each agency’s name.
        2. Or by using the down and up buttons to expand or collapse all agencies at one time. This is located on the upper right side.


    1. With the overlapping appointments displayed, you will see the following selection options and information.
      1. Selection checkbox – Select an appointment to indicate if it has been supervised or not.
      2. Therapist – This column will display the therapist’s name.
        1. In this this field you will also see information about the appointment.
          1. If it’s an overlapping service appointment you will see the client’s name and service.
          2. If it’s an overlapping non-service appointment you will see the subject line from the therapist’s appointment.
      3. Start time – This displays the start time of the therapist’s appointment.
      4. End time – This displays the end time of the therapist’s appointment.
      5. Supervised Min. – This shows the amount of supervision time completed. Please note, this field is editable since the supervision time may be shorter than the duration of the scheduled therapist appointment.


      1. The following selections are mutually exclusive. For both sets of options, you can only choose one.
        1. Face to Face and Remote – The user can select one of these options to indicate if the supervision was completed by a face to face appointment or not.
        2. Individual and Group – The user can select one of these options to indicate if the supervision was done during an individual appointment or as a group setting.
      2. Click OK to set your selections.


    1. Click on the save button to save your work.


  1. Your RBT Supervision has been completed on the appointment.

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