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The Parent Portal allows the user to view their client’s schedule on their mobile devices or on a desktop computer. If you have any questions on the Parent Portal, please reach out to your agency’s administrator. If you would like to use the Parent Portal feature, please contact your Support Account Manager to have it enabled.

    1. To begin, navigate to your Agency’s NPAGo URL in your web browser. It should be something like:
    2. Once you’re on the NPAGo login page,
      1. Enter your Username and Password.
      2. Then tap on the LOG IN button.

    1. When you enter NPAGo, and if you have multiple clients with the same agency, you will see a list of your client’s names (or AKAs).
      1. Tap on the client’s name whose calendar you wish to view.
      2. Tap on the check mark in the circle, at the bottom of the screen.

    1. To return to the client list in order to choose another client,
      1. Tap on the menu button located in the upper right portion of the screen.
      2. Tap on the Client Schedule button.
        1. Note, if you are accessing the Parent Portal from a desktop computer, then the button will be located in the lower right portion of the screen. It is not contained in the dropdown menu.

    1. When you enter NPAGo, the calendar will be visible with the current month.
      1. The date that is being displayed will be shown with a pink border and pink dot beneath the date.

    1. Dates containing scheduled appointments will be depicted by a blue date number and a blue dot beneath the date.

    1. To view your client’s schedule on the chosen day, tap on the date from the calendar.
      1. The appointments will be displayed beneath the calendar.

    1. The Appointment Details card will display the following.
      1. The appointment time.
      2. Your client’s name (or AKA).
      3. Service location (if the address has been entered on the appointment).

    1. Next, tap on the Appointment Details card to open the appointment. Here you can complete the following.
      1. Guardian Signature – This is where you can sign the appointment to verify it took place.
      2. Enter comments regarding the appointment.
      3. Verify the date and the start/end time of the appointment.

    1. Choose one of the following options once you have signed the appointment, entered comments, and verified the appointment date/time.
      1. Save – This will save the changes you have made and close the appointment.
      2. Clear – Use this button to clear your signature in order to re-sign.
      3. Cancel – Click Cancel to close the appointment without saving any changes that have been made.

  1. Note, Appointments are displayed according to the Parent Portal Settings your agency has set up. Due to this, some of the appointments shown in this document’s screenshots may or may not be displayed for the user. For more information on this, please contact your Agency’s Administrator.

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