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This document will instruct the user on how to use NPAForms within NPAGo. Forms allows the user to access blank forms for the purpose of either viewing or editing.

Please note, editable forms must be created and saved with Adobe Acrobat Pro (5.0 or earlier) in order to use this feature. Also, there is a nominal fee associated with the use of this feature. Please contact your Support Account Manager if you would like to use NPAForms.

  1. Beginning on the main screen of your NPAGo,
    1. Tap on the menu button located in the top right of the screen.
    2. Then tap on the Forms button.
  2. The NPAForms page will be displayed. Here the user can decide to upload a new form, fill out a blank form, or view/edit an existing form.

Let’s review uploading a pdf document first. Please note, the upload option is not accessible from a cell phone or tablet. You can upload to NPAGo if you are accessing it from a laptop.

  1. In the upload area of the screen you can either select a pdf to upload by tapping in this field or by dragging and dropping.
  2. The File Upload window will appear and will give the user the opportunity to enter information about the form.
    1. Name – Please enter a name for the form.
    2. Type – Use the dropdown menu to select a form type.
    3. Description – A brief description on the form can be entered here.
    4. Save – Tap on the save button to save the form.

Next, we will review filling out a blank form.

  1. Tap on the “Fill Out Blank Form” button.

  1. A list of blank forms will be displayed that are available for that user.
    1. Search Field – The user can search for a document by typing into the search box.
    2. Filters – The user can choose a document type to narrow down the search from the dropdown menu.

  1. To fill out a form,
    1. Simply select a form name from the list.
    2. Then tap “Next” in the lower right corner.

  1. The blank form will be displayed.
    1. The user can tap on each field to enter data.
    2. Tap on the Preview to view what the completed form will look like. We will discuss this further in the next step.
    3. Tap Next to proceed.

  1. Before we move on, let’s review the preview screen.
    1. Note, when using Internet Explorer, a preview will be downloaded to the browser. Please open the download in order to preview the form.
    2. Once the document has been previewed either.
      1. Tap on the back arrow in the upper left corner to return to the form.
      2. Or tap Fill Out in the lower right corner to move forward.

  1. The Save Form window will be displayed. This is where you will set a save location and add information about the form.
    1. Save To – Either save the form to the entity it was already associated with or Select Other to save the form to another entity. This will be covered further in step 10.
    2. Save As – Here enter the name of the form.
      1. Note, this is a required field.
    3. Summary – The user can enter a brief summary of the form. This is an optional field.
    4. Description – Here a description of the form can be added. Again, this is optional.
    5. Expiration – If you would like to add an optional expiration date either,
      1. Enter a date in the filed provided
      2. Or select a date from the mini calendar.
    6. Give Warning – Tap on the selection box if you would like to add a warning. This selection is optional.

  1. Regarding step 9. a., the user can choose to save the form to another client, staff, or funding source. To do this,
    1. Tap in the “Select Other” field.
    2. With the dropdown menu displayed, choose either Client, Staff, or Funding Source

  1. Once selected a window pop up will appear.
    1. Here the user can search for the needed entity.
    2. Or choose the entity from the list.
    3. Once selected, tap the OK button in the lower right corner.

  1. Returning back to the Save Form screen
    1. The name of the newly selected entity will now be displayed in the Save To area.
    2. Tap on Save in the lower right corner to save the form.

  1. Next, the user will receive a confirmation page that states the form was saved. Please tap on one of the following:
    1. Back to Template – This will take the user back to the list of blank forms.
    2. Close – This will close the page and return the user to their NPAGo main screen.

Now, let’s review viewing or editing a previously filled out form.

  1. Starting on the NPAForms main screen. Tap on View or Edit Form.

  1. Next, select the saved form entity type by tapping on one of the following:
    1. A client
    2. Staff Member
    3. Funding Source

  1. The names of the selected entity type will be listed.
    1. If the wrong entity was selected, simply tap on the back arrow to return to the previous page.
    2. Either use the search field to find a specific client, staff member, or funding source.
    3. Otherwise, tap on the entity’s name from the list.
    4. Then tap the Next button to proceed.

  1. Next, a list of forms associated with the selected entity will be displayed.

  1. The process from here follows the same steps mentioned earlier in this document. Please proceed from Steps 8–14.

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