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Update NPAWorks with new codes for January 2019

Our recommendation is to enter new services for the new codes. This will be a much cleaner process and allow to have accurate and clean reports. Following are the steps:

  1. Add new services
    1. From the main screen, highlight “Services” under your location/office name so that the Service List is showing. Click on the icon in the top left corner with the green plus sign (“Create a new entry”).
    2. A new window will open titled “Service”. There are four fields were you enter the following: Name/Description, Display Code/Abrv, Tracking ID and Service Category.
      1. Enter the name of the Service in the Name/Description field.
      2. Enter an abbreviation for the Service in the Display Code/Abrv field.
      3. In the Tracking ID field, a default tracking ID will appear.
      4. The Service Category allows you to categories your services from the dropdown menu option.
    3. Once all fields are complete, click “Save” to save the New Service
  2. Update Funding Source Record with the new services
    1. In the Services Tab of the Funding Source Record, select the new services added and complete all necessary fields.
      1. The new CPT Codes have been entered in the CPT Code drop down menu. Drop down menu is optional.
      2. The new CPT Codes have been entered in the CPT Code drop down menu. Drop down menu is optional. 
  3. Add the new services on the client’s record, depending on the funding source requirements: (Please note not all funding sources will be ready for the change as of January 1st)
    1. If a new authorization is NOT needed and the funding source is requiring to use the new codes starting service date of 1/1/19:
      1. From the current contract, on the services tab, end the current services by changing the End Funding date to 12/31/18.
      2. Add the new services to the same contract, on the Services tab and change the Begin Funding date to 1/1/19.
      3. Adjust Auth Minutes as needed
      4. Complete all necessary fields.
    2. If new authorization is needed, once new auth is received
      1. create new contract and add new services
      2. complete all necessary fields
  4. Update appointments, if needed, to reflect correct service/contract
    1. From the Service tab of appointment, click select, then select the new service. If appointment is in a recurrence series, select the option “apply changes to ‘This one and later siblings’.
  5. Update Staff records to reflect which new service they can provide.
    1. On the Personal Tab, under Service Provided box, select the new services provided by each staff.


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