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Easily distinguish between Direct and Indirect appointments.

  1. Automatically populate a direct or indirect status on the appointment by a quick set up within a funding source.

Accomplish unique billing requirements by using the fully editable CMS 1500 form.

  • All fields on the CMS 1500 form are now editable to facilitate submitting clinical claims with specific requirements.


Have the flexibility to view schedules with multiple views in NPAGo.

Effortlessly log and track RBT supervision hours in NPAWorks to fulfill the BACB’s requirements.





  • The ability to edit all fields on the CMS 1500 form.
  • The ability to indicate a Direct or Indirect status on an appointment.
  • The Client Notes to Staff messaging job has been duplicated in order to send reminders to specific staff members.
  • Users now have the ability to copy client contracts for non-insurance funding sources.
  • SMS messages can be sent when only an appointment time and/or date has been updated.
  • RBT Supervision feature allows for easy tracking of required supervisions hours.
  • TOPAZ V8The Parent Portal user role can view their client(s) schedule from Sunday – Saturday, view the upcoming week’s appointments and print the schedule.
  • TOPAZ V8 Improved Recurrence functionality by disabling the appointment date when propagation options “This and later siblings” or “All siblings” are selected, as well as, disabling the recurrence button when “only this one” propagation option is selected.
  • TOPAZ V9 New updated look for the fonts and icons on the main page for Clients, Staff, Services, Schools and Funding Sources.
  • TOPAZ V9 Re-enable tool tips throughout NPAWorks


  • Removed the billing multiplier from being displayed on Funding Source services.
  • Skills Integration:
    • Fixed reported end time error message from being displayed when attempting to clear a guardian signature in Skills from NPA Go.
    • Fixed issue to prevent previously integrated client services from being sent to Skills once the integration had been removed.
  • Fixed issue to disallow EOM signatures from being captured for future appointments.
  • Fixed error caused by increasing service time to an excessive amount. The service time can no longer increase 24 hours.
  • Issue fixed to display all fields on the “Personal Tab” of the Client record when maximizing the window.
  • Fixed issue with Sync button on the appointment in order to modify the subject line.
  • Fixed issue to only display appointments during the time frame selected on the print schedule parameters.
  • Corrected issue in the funding source to ensure only one service is selected at a time.
  • TOPAZ V5 Fixed issue where Active and Non- Billable appointments were missing from the RBT Tab
  • TOPAZ V5 When propagating modifiers from the funding source service level, modifiers will now correctly push to the appointment level
  • TOPAZ V5 RBT Tab will now appear on the staff’s appointment when the RBT checkbox is selected in the staff’s profile.
  • TOPAZ V7 Appointment subject line will correctly sync when an appointment is changed from a non-payroll appointment to a payroll appointment.
  • TOPAZ V7 Optimized performance response time when using using the Claims Wizard feature.
  • TOPAZ V7 Fixed validation issue that turned previously rendered appointments red.
  • TOPAZ V7 Corrected Unhandled Exception error that was occurring when a client contract was copied.
  • TOPAZ V7 Users will no longer receive an Unhandled Exception when modifying an appointment that has RBT Supervision logged
  • TOPAZ V8 Corrected recurrence issue that was causing Skills integrated appointments not to be updated.
  • TOPAZ V8 Fixed sync issue to update the subject line when a non-service appointment is changed to a service appointment.
  • TOPAZ V8 Users can now use the clerical lock on the Mac solution
  • TOPAZ V8 Removed propagation action confirmation popup from occurring when making changes to one appointment on a recurrence pattern.
  • TOPAZ V8 Fixed issue to notify RBT Supervisor via email when changes have been made on a RBT’s recurring appointment that would affect the logged supervision appointment.
  • TOPAZ V8 Appointment Recurrence Updates:
    • When selecting “Just this one”, the recurrence button is now disabled to prevent inadvertent changes to the recurrence pattern.
    • When selecting “This one & later siblings” or “All sibling appointments”, the appointment date field is now disabled to prevent breaks in the recurrence series.
    • The recurrence date range can be used to add appointments to the beginning of the series or remove appointments from the end of the recurrence series simply by lengthening or shortening the date range.
    • Removed “# of Occurrences” field to improve calculation accuracy.
  • TOPAZ V9 Fixed issue for invalid concurrency error when adjusting the supervision time for an RBT appointment.
  • TOPAZ V9 Optimized performance response time when opening a staff or client appointment.
  • TOPAZ V9 Fixed issue to prevent the user from deleting a client record without terminating active enrollments or contracts first.
  • TOPAZ V9 Fixed issue for client records with multiple enrollments that was allowing all active enrollments to be terminated and appointments to be deleted when the user attempted to terminate and delete appointments associated with only one enrollment.



  • The ability to indicate a Direct or Indirect status on an appointment.
  • The user now has the option to change between a day, week, or month calendar view.


  • Fixed error caused by increasing service time to an excessive amount. The service time can no longer increase 24 hours.
  • Fixed issue to allow the appointment “Activity Note” to be expanded and viewed on an appointment that has been locked.
  • Corrected issue to have the start and end time of an appointment to be displayed in the AM/PM format.
  • Fixed invalid error message from being displayed when the appointment subject line was changed.
  • Provided the user a “Sync Appts” button in order to update the downloaded appointments.
  • Fixed issue when an excessive characters were entered in the “Office Notes” portion of the appointment the characters were being overwritten. The maximum amount of characters that can be entered is now 1000.
  • Fixed invalid error when attempting to remove the guardian signature in NPA Go when the appointment was completed in Skills.
  • Fixed issue to allow Android phone users to enter mileage on appointments.
  • Fixed locked through date to be the same in online and offline mode.
  • TOPAZ V7 Fixed issue that allowed staff to create appointments when they did not have permission to modify appointments on locked schedules in NPAGo.
  • TOPAZ V7 Fixed issue with missing time stamps on rendered appointments in NPAGo.
  • TOPAZ V7 Fixed issue that prevented gathering EOM signatures.
  • TOPAZ V7 When gathering signatures the guardian relationship will now auto select based on the selected guardian.
  • TOPAZ V8 Fixed issue to notify RBT Supervisor via email when changes have been made on a RBT’s recurring appointment that would affect the logged supervision appointment.

Flex Reports

New Flex Reports

  • Appointments Admin With Copay – New report to display Appointments Admin with Copay information.
  • My RBT Appt Error Check – New report for RBT login user.
  • My RBT Supervision Tracking – New report for RBT login user.
  • TOPAZ V8 H1 All Charges by Encounter – New report for Kareo users to display claim data from NPAWorks and Kareo.

Updated Flex Reports

  • Appointment Billing Review – Added columns “Appointment Status” and “Client Status”.
  • Appointment Collisions – Added parameter to include or exclude gray appointments.
  • Appointments Admin – Added columns to display “Rounding Rule”, “Unit Size”, “Actual Unit”, “is_cancelled”, “Projected Minutes” and “PVRLastPageSignature”.
  • Billing Review – Added “Staff NPI number” column.
  • Case Assignments (By Contacts) – Added column to display city entered for the contact selected as “Resides with client”.
  • Client Appt Notes – Added column for “Type of Time”.
  • Client Contacts – Added columns to display date of birth and age.
  • Client Contract Services – Added columns for copay and coinsurance.
  • Contract Fulfillment – Improved performance; Updated report if a Client Contact is not selected then the report will run as if “None”.
  • CPT Code Master List – Added CPT Codes “97161”, “97162”, “97163”, “97164”, “97165”, “97166”, “97167”, “97168”.
  • Diagnosis Master List – Added diagnosis codes “F32.9”, “F43.0”, “F80.81”, “F90.8”, “F94.1”, “G70.2”, “G80.4”, “M79.672”, “M79.671”, “Z13.4”.
  • ESBA Billing Export – Added parameter to display Direct/Indirect appointment status.
  • Funding Source Services Admin – Added parameter to display active only funding sources.
  • Funding Type Client Count – Added “Client Status” column.
  • Insurance Appointments Check – Added validation column.
  • My Appointments – Added column for Date Time.
  • Profit Analysis – Added column to list the staff’s department.
  • RBT Appt Error Check – Checks for possible RBT appointment errors such as cancellations, adjusted times or deleted appointments.
  • RBT Supervision Tracking – Used to check if RBT Staff have met the supervision requirement for a given month; added column to display “Job Title”.
  • Service List – Added column for Service names.
  • Staff Roster (Comprehensive) – Changed Staff DOB to display month/day only; added columns to display if staff “Requires” or “Provides” RBT Supervision.
  • Staff Weekly Work Hours – Added column to display Full/Part Time.

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