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  1. On the left side bar of NPAWorks, highlight “Staff” under your location/site name so that the Staff List is showing.
  2. termstaff-1-png

  3. Highlight the Staff Member’s name you wish to terminate.
  4. termstaff-2-png

  5. To Edit the selected Staff Member’s records, click the button or hit “Enter’ on your keyboard.
  6. termstaff-3-png

  7. Once the staff member appears, click on the empty box next to the word “Terminated”.
  8. termstaff-4-png

  9. A mini calendar will appear.
  10. Choose the date of termination by clicking in the mini calendar.
  11. termstaff-5-png

  12. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes.
  13. If the staff has appointments after the termination date, the ‘Delete Post-Termination Appointments?’ window will appear. This window will give users the option to delete all non-rendered appointments, including blue and gray appointments, after the specified date. If you wish to delete appointments, select a date on the ‘Delete appointments on/after’ field and click ‘Yes’, otherwise click ‘No’.

    *NOTE: If staff have appointments after the date of termination, your NPAWorks subscription may continue to be charged for this staff’s record.
  14. termstaff-6-png

  15. Once you have terminated staff members, you can click the “Show terminated staff” checkbox found at the bottom of the staff lists to view your terminated staff records. Terminated staff records will have a red X in front of their name. NPAWorks does not remove their information and records can always be viewed or reactivated if necessary.
  16. termstaff-7-png

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