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    1. On the NPAWorks main screen click on “Clients” under the client’s corresponding office. A list of clients will appear.


    1. From that list click to highlight the client you wish to terminate.


    1. To Edit the selected client’s record, click on the button or hit “Enter’ on your keyboard.


    1. Once the client record appears click on the “ENROLLMENT” tab within the client’s profile. (This page lists the funding sources/programs the client is enrolled in.)


    1. Highlight the Enrollment line and click your mouse in the “Terminated” column.


    1. Use the black triangle to access a mini calendar.


    1. Using the mini-calendar, choose the date services were, or will be, terminated.


    1. Once you have chosen the termination date the mini-calendar will populate the “terminated” field and close. Save the record by clicking on the button. Please note that ALL enrollments must be terminated in order for the client to be considered terminated in NPAWorks.


    1. If the client has appointments after the termination date, the ‘Post-termination appointments detected’ window will appear. This window will give users the option to delete all non-rendered appointments after the termination date. If you wish to delete appointments after the termination date, click ‘Yes’, otherwise click ‘No’.*NOTE: If these appointments are not deleted NPAWorks will assume this record is still in use and your NPAWorks subscription may be billed for it.


    1. Save the record by clicking on the button and then click “OK” to close the record.


    1. Once you have terminated clients, you can click the “Show terminated client” checkbox found at the bottom of the staff lists to view your terminated client records. Terminated client records will have a red X in front of their name. NPAWorks does not remove their information and records can always be viewed or reactivated if necessary.


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