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This how to document will show you how to integrate your clients from NPAWorks to Skills.

  1. To start, click once on “Clients” located on the left side bar of NPAWorks under your location/site name. The Client List will appear on the main screen of NPAWorks.
  2. skillsclient-1

  3. Next, highlight the client’s name you wish to integrate with Skills.
  4. skillsclient-2

  5. To enter the client’s record, click on the button or hit enter on your keyboard.
  6. skillsclient-3

  7. The client’s record will appear. Click on the integration button, located in the lower right hand side of the screen next to the OK and Cancel buttons.
  8. skillsclient-4

  9. Once the integration window appears use the drop down menu to select Skills and click the OK button.
  10. skillsclient-5

  11. From here, we recommend the client’s guardian contact to be entered.
    1. While it is not a requirement, it could affect your billing if the funding source asks for a service location to be entered for an appointment.
    2. The first contact with the “Resides with client” option selected will be integrated with Skills.
    3. skillsclient-6

  12. Lastly, click OK on the client record to save and return back to the home screen. This will complete the client’s NPAWorks with Skills integration.
  13. skillsclient-7

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