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This guide will show the user how to set up the RBT Supervision feature within the staff record in NPAWorks. Please note, there is a nominal fee for usage of this optional feature. If you would like to use this feature, please contact your Support Account Manager to complete the contract.

    1. Beginning on the main screen of your NPAWorks database.
      1. Click on “Staff” located on the left-hand side of the window.
      2. Select the name of the staff member’s record you wish to edit.
        1. Simply double click or hit “enter” to open the staff record.


    1. With the staff’s record open
      1. Verify that the “Therapist/Service Provider” checkbox is selected.
        1. Note: This checkbox must be selected in order to use the RBT settings.
      2. Underneath “Therapist / Service Provider”, you will see the “RBT Supervision:” set up options.
        1. Provides – Select this option to indicate the staff has been authorized to provide RBT supervision.
        2. Requires – Select this option to indicate the staff requires RBT supervision.
      3. Click “OK” to save your changes.


  1. The RBT Supervision set up has been completed. Repeat these steps for each staff member that you wish to set up the RBT Supervision for.

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