Setting up Non-Service Days

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  1. Click “Edit” in the toolbar on the top left hand portion of the screen, then select “Non-Service Days.”
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  3. New window will open titled “Holidays & Non-Service Days.” Select the Year for which you want to view Non-Service Days.
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  5. To Add a Non-Service Day to the list, click on the green plus icon.
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  7. A New Non-Service Day line will appear at the bottom of the current list.
  8. Enter the Date and Name (Description).
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  10. To Edit a Non-Service Day: Select the date line you wish to edit, double click, and make your edits.
  11. To Delete a Non-Service Day: Select the date line you wish to delete and click the delete icon.
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  13. When you are done click on the save button,” or the “Refresh” button to reload the list without saving your changes.
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  15. Once you are done making changes, save and close the list by clicking “OK”. If you do not wish to save the changes that you have made, simply click the “Cancel” button.
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