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  1. Double-click on the Client’s name. The Client’s Record will open.
  2. Ensure the “Resides with Client” box is checked on the Personal tab (Located under “Relationship to Client.”)
  3. Go to the “Contracts” tab.
  4. service-location-1

  5. On the bottom left of this screen is the field “Service Locations.” This is the physical address where service is authorized to be rendered (Home, School, Agency, etc).
  6. Complete this section, click on the greed plus icon to add the default location.
  7. service-location-2

  8. A window titled “Add a Service Location” will popup.
    1. At the top of the screen:
      1. Use the pull down menu to choose the Office/Agency where the service provider is based.
      2. Use the pull down menu to choose the Type: (i.e. Guardian/Contract for home services, Office/Agency for clinic services, Organization for clinic services, or School/Facility for school/facility based services.
      3. Type a name or keyword in the “Look For” box to narrow your search.
      4. service-location-3

  9. Once you find the correct service location, highlight it and click “OK.” NOTE: You can enter multiple service locations if needed however there can ONLY be one default location.
  10. Select a default which will then populate this address in the location field on the appointment screen. If more than one address is present, the therapist will have access to toggle between the addresses if needed to determine the appointment location.
  11. service-location-4
    NOTE: In the case where a new Service Location is added and it need to populate the location field on already scheduled appointments, you can propagate that location on the Client Contracts tab. Please see the “How to Propagate Service Locations” document for instructions on how to use this feature.

  12. In the event that the Service Location changes after the appointment has been entered, you will have the ability on the appointment screen to edit the service location if you have multiple Service Locations listed on the client contract tab.
  13. service-location-5

  14. In the case where a staff member needs to enter a service location that has not been added to the Service Locations list on the Client Contracts tab, they are able to manually type in the appointment’s Service Location directly into the Location box.
  15. NOTE: When manually entering a Service Location on the Appointment screen, please make sure to also select the location code for that address from the drop down directly to the right of the Location field.

  16. Click “OK” to save and close the record or the save icon to save your changes and leave the record open.

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