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How to Use Service Categories in NPAWorks

This document will show you how to use Service Categories, add, and edit Services in NPAWorks.

  1. To begin, login to NPAWorks.
  2. Navigate to an Agency’s Services
    1. Notice the new column “Category”. By default Services have no Category. As you add Categories to Services, those Categories will appear in this column. The available Categories are pre-defined and limited to:
      1. ABA
      2. Activities/Arts/Sports
      3. OT
      4. Other
      5. Psych
      6. PT
      7. Respite/Supported Living
      8. SLP
      9. Social Skills
  3.  Double-click on an existing Service to open it and be able to Edit, including adding or changing its Service Category. Alternatively, you can select a service and click the Edit or Edit Category buttons in the ribbon.
  4. Now you are able to edit that Service’s:
    1. Name/Description
    2. Display Code/Abrv
    3. Tracking ID
      1. The options in this dropdown are the same and have not changed.
    4. Service Category
  5. If no Service Category is assigned that Service, the Service Category dropdown will display “Select Category”.
  6. Choose a Category, and click “Save” to save your selection. If you want to cancel and close this popup, simply click “Cancel”.
  7. Now you can see the updated Service Category displayed in the list of Services.
  8. To add a new Service, simply click on the Add New Service icon in the toolbar on the top left of the main screen.
  9. To update Services in Bulk, simply click the “Select All” button to select all services, and then hold Ctrl on the keyboard, to de-select any Services. Change their Service Categories in bulk by then clicking on the “Edit Category” button.

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