Retrieve a Forgotten Password in NPAWorks

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  1. Beginning on your NPAWorks Run page.
    1. Click on the Run button.
  2. On the log in screen click on the “Forgot Password?” button. This button is located under the Cancel button.
  3. forgot-password-npaworks-1

  4. The user will be taken to the “Forgot Your Password?” screen in NPA Go. To change your password, please complete the following.
    1. UserID – In this field enter your NPAWorks User ID.
    2. Email Address – Enter your email address that is associated with your account here.
    3. Send Email – Click on this button to have the system send you an email to reset your password.
    4. Cancel – Click on this button to close the window. By clicking on this button, the system will not send you an email to reset your password.


  5. If you have selected “Send Email” from the “Forgot Your Password?” window and have submitted the correct User ID and email address the following confirmation page will be displayed.
    1. This is confirming that an email is on the way to retrieve your password.
    2. forgot-password-npaworks-3

  6. Once you receive the “Forgot Password” email, click on the link or copy and paste the address into your browser’s address bar.
  7. forgot-password-npaworks-4

  8. The Reset your password window will be displayed.
    1. Enter your new password here.
      1. Note, the password must contain the following,
        1. It cannot be shorter than 8 characters in length.
        2. At least 1 lowercase character must be used.
        3. At least 1 uppercase character must be used.
        4. At least 1 number from 0-9 must be used.
    2. Verify your new password by entering it again.
    3. Click on the Reset button to reset your new password.
    4. Click on the Cancel button to close the page without resetting your password.
    5. forgot-password-npaworks-5

    6. If you click on the Reset button, a confirmation page will be displayed.
      1. Click on the Close button to close the page.
      2. forgot-password-npaworks-6

    7. Lastly, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided in step 2.
    8. forgot-password-npaworks-7

    9. Your forgotten password has been reset.

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