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NOTE: Only Service Appointments need to be rendered. If a Service Appointment is NOT rendered, the Funding Source will not be billed and the staff member will not be paid for the appointment time.

  1. Open either your own schedule using the Calendar with the green pin icon or to open a client schedule, select that individual from the list; highlight their name in blue, and, then click on the calendar with the red pin icon to open that individual’s schedule.
  2. renderappts-1

  3. Your schedule or the selected client’s/staff schedule will appear. Select the appointment that you want to render and then click the “Edit” button to open the appointment. (You can also double click on the appointment to open the appointment window.)
  4. renderappts-2

  5. On the Appointment window, check the “Service has been rendered” box then click “OK.”
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  7. The appointment will turn from light green to dark green. Click the save icon or, “OK” button to save your schedule.
  8. renderappts-4

  9. If there are no Validation Warnings, you will receive a message window saying that your changes have been saved to the database. Press the “OK” button to complete the save.
    NOTE: Should there be errors on your calendar, a scheduling problems screen will appear letting you know the date, time, and issue with the appointment in question. These errors must be corrected before the next billing and payroll run.
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