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  1. To print your own schedule, click on the icon. To print a staff or client schedule, select that individual from the list; their name will be highlighted in blue, and, then click on the schedule icon to open that individual’s schedule.
  2. printschedule-1

  3. The scheduling window will appear on the current week. From here click on the “…” icon next to the printer icon to select the schedule format you would like to print.
  4. printschedule-2

  5. The “Schedule Print Options” window will open. Choose the Format you would like to print in from the drop down menu as well as the Start and End times you would like to include. Then press “OK.”
  6. printschedule-3 printschedule-4

  7. After you have selected your parameters, click the print icon to print the schedule of choice.
  8. printschedule-5

  9. Your calendar will open in either a Word Document or PDF, depending on how you have it set up in your user account settings. From here you can print, save, and/or email the calendar.
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