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Navigate the Main Screen of NPAWorks with the UI Refresh

This document will instruct the user how to navigate and find all the buttons on the new main screen of NPAWorks.

  1. The Home Banner:Client Section
    1. Add a new record (Client/Staff/Service/School/Funding Source)
    2. Edit an existing record (Client/Staff/Service/School/Funding Source)
    3. Remove a record (Client/Staff/Service/School/Funding Source)

    Show Section

    1. Show terminated/inactive records

    Font Size Section

    1. Select the desired font size

    Scheduling Section

    1. Selected Schedule
    2. My Schedule
    3. Scheduling Genie
    4. Scheduling Matrix
    5. Release Downloaded Appointments
    6. Reconcile Different Guardian Reported times
    7. Attendance Reports

    Report Section

    1. Flexible Reporting

    Contacts Section

    1. Address Book

    Profile Section

    1. User Account

    Have an Idea? Section

    1. Submit and vote on proposed future feature for NPAWorks
    2. Close and unpin the banners
  2. The Settings Banner:
    1. Appointment Status Types
    2. Credentials
    3. Customized Lists
    4. HR Management
    5. Non-service Days
    6. Organization
    7. Organize Teams
    8. Parent Portal
    9. Scheduling Genie Attributes
    10. System Security
    11. User Account
    12. Close and unpin the banners
  3. The Billing Banner:Insurance Section
    1. Claims Manager

    Invoices Section

    1. Invoices
    2. ATAP Invoices
    3. Invoice Manager

    Billing Reports Section

    1. Attendance Reports
    2. Staff Clearance Forms
    3. Billing Summaries

    Monthly Billing Section

    1. Generate Monthly Billing
    2. Close Monthly Billing
    3. Close and unpin the banners
  4. The Reporting Banner:
    1. Flexible Reports
    2. Verification Forms
    3. Contract Summaries

    Blank Forms Section

    1. Notification of Schedule Modification Blank Form
    2. Notification of Substitute Therapist Blank Form
    3. Client Request for Schedule Change Blank Form
    4. Close and unpin the banners
  5. The Help Banner:
    1. About NPAWorks
    2. Access the NPAWorks Knowledge Base
    3. Close and unpin the banners

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