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  1. Starting on the main screen of your NPAWorks, click on the Flexible Reporting button located on the tool bar.
  2. flex-report-1

  3. The Flexible Reporting screen will be displayed.
  4. flex-report-2

  5. The Action Bar – This section provides most of the functionality associated with Flex Reports.
  6. flex-report-3

    1. Save – The Save button is used to save changes made to the currently selected report.
    2. Save As – The Save As button is used to save a report with the ability of customizing the report name.
      1. When the Save As button is clicked, the following window will be displayed.
        1. Report Name – Here you can customize the report name.
        2. Report Description – A customized report description can be entered here.
        3. Click Save to save the new report name and description.
        4. flex-report-4

      2. Refresh – The Refresh button will refresh the selected report and discard any unsaved changes.
      3. Run – Click on the Run button to generate the results of the selected report.
      4. Run and Export – The Run and Export button is used to run a selected report and with the ability to export the results to either Excel or QuickBooks.
      5. Copy – The copy button is used to copy a specified section. Use the dropdown option to view and select other copy options.
      6. Print – This button is used to print the results of the selected report.
      7. Column Options – The Column Options button allows the user to select or deselect columns from being displayed on the report.
      8. Show – This button is used to show or hide the parameters and results sections of the flex report.
  7. Parameter Section – Parameters of the report will be displayed under the action bar.
    1. Use the report parameters to view and/or edit the settings associated with the selected report.
    2. flex-report-12

  8. Results Section – This section is used to display the results of the report that is run.
  9. flex-report-5

  10. Search Bar – Users can search for a specific report name by typing part or all of the report name in the search bar.
  11. flex-report-6

  12. Report Name Categories – Reports have now been entered into categories. These categories are for organizational purposes.
    1. The seven new categories are listed under Report Name.
      1. Favorites
      2. Admin
      3. Staff
      4. Client
      5. Payroll
      6. Billing
      7. Other
    2. Use the expand and collapse buttons to open and close each category.
    3. Note, reports are available to the user per their user roles and permissions.
    4. flex-report-7

  13. Favorite – The Favorite button can be used to indicate frequently used reports.
    1. To Favorite a report, select the desired report and click on the heart icon.
    2. Once a report is favorited, it will appear in the Favorites category for easy access.
    3. Please note, the user can un-favorite a report at any time by simply selecting the favorited report and clicking on the heart icon once more.
    4. flex-report-8

  14. Edit – The Edit button is enabled when a Save As report has been selected. It allows the user to edit the customized report name and description.
  15. flex-report-9

  16. Delete – The Delete button is enabled when a Save As report is selected. It allows the user to delete the customized report. This will remove the custom naming but the original flex report will not be deleted.
  17. flex-report-10

  18. Report Details Section – This section can be found below the Report Selection area. Here the user can find details about a selected report.
    1. Report Name – Either the original report name or the customized report name will be listed here.
    2. Description/ Info – The original description of the report will be listed here. Otherwise, it will display the customized description.
    3. flex-report-11

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