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This document will show the user how to view or modify appointments to display “Direct” or “Indirect’ from the appointment level. Please note, viewing/editing the Direct/Indirect status is set per user role. If you would like your staff to have access to this feature, please contact your Support Account Manager to update your security settings.

    1. Beginning on the main screen on your NPAWorks database
      1. Click on “Staff” located on the left-hand side of the window.
      2. Select the name of the staff’s calendar you wish to edit.
      3. To open the selected staff’s calendar, click the calendar with the red pin located on the top toolbar.


    1. With the staff’s calendar window open
      1. Select the date of the appointment from the mini calendar on the right side of the window.
      2. Double-click on the appointment you wish to view or modify the Direct/Indirect status.


    1. The appointment will be displayed.
      1. If the service has been defaulted to “Direct”, “Indirect”, or “Set at Appointment”, you will see the Direct/Indirect dropdown menu on the lower left side of the appointment.
        1. Here you will be able to view or change the status.


      1. If the service has been defaulted to “Set at appointment”, you will need to select either Direct or Indirect before rendering and saving the appointment.
      2. If the service has been defaulted to “Do not show”, the Direct or Indirect dropdown will not be displayed on the appointment.
      3. Once you have viewed or selected a Direct/Indirect status press OK to set your appointment.


    1. Click OK again on the staff schedule to save your changes.


NOTE: Steps 1 through 4 can also be completed from the client schedule as well.

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