Generating Timesheets

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  1. Open your own schedule by clicking on the icon.
  2. timesheet-1

  3. From the Schedule window, click the “Review Payroll Time and Travel Mileage” icon.
  4. timesheet-2

  5. The “Time & Travel Review” window will pop up. From here choose the Payroll period by clicking on the “…” option located next to the Date Period.
  6. timesheet-3

  7. The “Period Control Options” window will open, select the base date and range (entire month, half of month, or total days and enter the amount of days) then click OK to exit this window.
  8. timesheet-4

  9. To select the Payroll style you would like to view, on the “Time & Travel Review” window, select the “…” option located on the lower left corner.
  10. timesheet-5

  11. The “Timesheet Options” window will open, choose the Payroll style and click OK.
  12. timesheet-6

  13. To generate the Time Sheet, on the “Time & Travel Review” window, click on Time Sheet.
  14. timesheet-7

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