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NPAWorks Automatic Messaging

NPAWorks has the ability to generate automatic email messages that can be sent to staff or clients based on a variety of conditions and parameters.  Below you will find the settings required to enable the reminders to supervisors and/or NPATeams leaders when one or more of their team members has unrendered appointments.  If you would like to set up this reminder, please contact with these completed questions.

Reminder – Unrendered Appointments to Sup

This reminder will send an email to staff members’ supervisors and/or NPATeams lead(s) listing appointments that need to be rendered.  Reminders will be sent for service appointments that are not cancelled only.  The messaging job can be configured with the following options:

Appointment Criteria

  • Send messages for appointments on locked schedules? (Y/N)

Staff Criteria

  • Send to staff in specified departments or all departments?
  • Send to staff with specified job titles or all job titles?
  • For staff with unrendered appointments:
    • Send the reminder to the supervisor on the staff’s record? (Y/N)
    • Send the reminder to the staff’s immediate lead on any NPATeam the staff is active in? (Y/N)
    • Send the reminder to all the staff’s NPATeams’ leads in the team’s leadership hierarchy? (Y/N)

Timeframe Criteria

  • How many days back should the Job check? Example: Look for unrendered appointments in the past 7 days
  • Include today’s appointments if messages will be sent after business hours? (Y/N)

Privacy/HIPAA Masking Options

  • Client Name masking? (Format FFF LLL) (Y/N)
  • Hide the street address for Service Location? (Y/N)

Send on what days (select one)

  • Weekdays – Mon-Fri
  • Daily – Sun-Sat
  • Weekly – Once a week on specified day of the week
  • Bi-Monthly – Sends either on 1st & 15th or 16th & 30/31st of each month
  • Monthly – Once a month on specified day of month (Date must be within 1-28 range)

Send at what time

  • Send reminder at what time of day?

When to begin or end sending messages

  • Begin Date?
  • End Date? (optional)

Reminder – Unrendered Appointments to Sups Sample Email


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