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Daily Progress Notes (Supervision)

The Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) is a formatted report for each appointment with information about the client, supervisor, service provided, and session notes.  Each appointment is a separate report.  Session notes included come from either Result Notes entered directly into NPAWorks/Go, or if the organization’s synchronizes with Catalyst, Catalyst SOAP Notes are reported.  The report can be generated from a staff or client’s Service Action Review page or for multiple clients by running the report from Verification Forms on the Reporting tab.

Appointments for the specified supervision services will be included when the reports are generated.

If an organization logo has been uploaded to NPAWorks, it will automatically be printed at the top of each page. To upload a logo, go to the Settings tab -> Organization in NPAWorks.

For organizations that synchronize with Catalyst, when a custom SOAP Note is used, the Detailed Session Notes section of the report will display any answer type of Text, MultiSelect, or StaticList with the exception of Text types for questions with one of the following values. These text type questions are reserved so NPAWorks can properly save signatures, guardian/parent names, and relationship to the client.

  • Signature
  • Therapist Signature
  • Guardian Signature
  • Guardian Name
  • Caregiver Signature
  • Caregiver Name
  • Parent Signature
  • Parent Name
  • Relationship

All supervisor credentials that are marked as “primary” for the appointment’s funding source are displayed.

Generating the Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) in bulk

It is easy to generate multiple Daily Progress Notes. For example, if all session notes must be sent to a funding source for billing or audit purposes, the reports can be run by the funding source name, date range, and selected supervision services.

From the Reporting tab, select Verification Reports.

On the Service Log Styles and Options page, select style Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) and the appointments’ time period. Filter as needed for funding source(s), agency(s), and client(s).  Select supervision services to be included.  Additional options:

  • Include zero service time appointments?
  • Include indirect appointments?
  • Include non-rendered appointments?

Click Run to generate the reports.  If a large number of reports are to be generated it may take some time to complete processing.  The user will be able to continue working in NPAWorks and navigate to other pages while the reports are being generated and will be notified when they are all ready.  The user is also prompted to indicate where the files are to be saved and in what format (zipped or individual files).

Once all reports are generated, the user is notified.  Clicking OK on the notification opens the selected location where the files were saved, and the reports can be opened for review or distribution.

Generating the Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) for individual staff or clients

To generate Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) on a specific staff or client, open the individual’s schedule and select Service Actions.

On the Service Action Review page, click on … next to the Service Logs button to select the report style.

On the Service Log Styles and Options page, select style Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) and the appointments’ time period. Filter as needed for funding source(s) and supervision services to be included.  Click OK to return to the Service Action Review page.

On the Service Action Review page, select the time period for the appointments to be included, and click Service Logs.

Daily Progress Notes (Supervision) reports generated will open automatically in the user’s default report setting of Word or PDF.  See User Account on the Home tab to set the report default.

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