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  1. Open your own schedule by clicking on the staff schedule button. To view/edit a staff or client schedule, select that individual from the list; their name will be highlighted in blue. Then, click the client schedule button to open that individual’s schedule.
  2. npappt-1

  3. The scheduling window will appear on the current week. From the mini-calendar, select the day or week you wish to schedule. Highlight the time-block in the calendar on the day you wish to schedule, and then click the add button, or press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard, or double click on your mouse.
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  5. The appointment window will now appear. To create a non-payroll appointment, change the ‘Pay Code’ drop down menu to ‘No Pay’. You can keep the Status field as ‘ACTIVE’ or change it to anything else on the list. Complete all other desired fields such as subject, location, office notes, etc. Click ‘OK’ when finished.
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  7. The color on the appointment block should now be a grey color. Click on the save button to save, then press ‘OK’ to close the schedule window.
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