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Batch Signatures

NPAGo has a new Batch signatures feature that will allow parents to sign for appointments once and then apply that same signature to unsigned appointments. This feature will be available in NPAGo and Parent Portal.

Enabling the Batch Signature feature in NPAWorks

This feature can be switched ON for customers by contacting

Once the feature is enabled, the Parent Portal settings should be updated to reflect how far back the parent will be able to apply batch signatures. To access these settings, click on the “Parent Portal” icon from the Settings tab in NPAWorks.

The “Work Week Settings” and “Type of Appointments” will control what kind of access the parent has to previous appointments that they may want to apply signatures to. Only the appointments visible to the parent through these settings will be available for batch signature.

In this example, the parent would be able to apply a batch signature to any direct service appointment for their child that took place within that current week or the previous four weeks.

Batch Signature in NPAGo

After a parent completes signing for an appointment on the Guardian Verification page in NPAGo, an additional screen will be displayed.










This new page displays information about all the unsigned appointments for the client that fall within the parameters set by the Parent Portal settings.  This saves parents the time and effort needed to sign for multiple appointments. Other appointments such as locked appointments, downloaded appointments, clients with other staff are displayed based on user access.  After selecting the appointments, ‘Apply signature’ will copy the parent signature to these unsigned appointments.

When signatures are copied over to unsigned appointments using Batch signature, it will not auto render appointments or check any other validation.

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