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Appointment Clock In / Clock Out (In Beta)

NPAGo has the option to let staff clock in and clock out of appointments.  Please contact to have the feature enabled and to set the proper security permissions.

When the provider arrives at a service session or begins work on a non-service payroll appointment, they will simply open the appointment and select Clock In.  The clock in time, user, and geolocation are automatically recorded.  Likewise, when the session/work has ended they will select Clock Out and time, user, and geolocation are also recorded.



It is also possible to clock in and out of non-service appointments


Clicking clock in after opening an existing appointment will automatically save the time, user, and geolocation. However, if a new appointment is created and the user clocks in, the clock in information will not be saved until the appointment is saved.  To prevent loss of the clock in information in the event NPAGo times out or connectivity is lost, it is recommended to click Save to immediately record the clock in.

Electronic Visit Verification

For service appointments, the Clock In/Out feature is in preparation for mandated home health services Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).  Some states will be requiring use of specific aggregators, such as Sandata or Tellus, to collect EVV data.  At this time, however, no aggregators are prepared to integrate with NPAWorks/NPAGo.  CodeMetro is closely monitoring announcements from aggregators to be prepared for electronic integration as soon as it becomes available.

Adjusting Clock In/Out Times

In the event a staff member is unable to or forgets to clock in/out it is possible to adjust times.  The organization can specify which roles are allowed to adjust a clock in/out time and for which appointments (e.g., their own appointments, their team members’ appointments).  NPAGo can be set up to use state-specific EVV mandated adjusted time reasons.  For organizations without state mandated reasons, a default set of reasons are provided.  The organization can request to customize reasons or to require a reason/comment whenever times are adjusted.  In a future release, the organization will be able to update the list of adjustment reasons through a setting page.

Clock In/Out Reporting

All information captured in the Clock In/Clock out process, including the last adjusted in/out time saved is included in Appointments Admin.  The system keeps a complete audit trail of who and when a clock in/out occurred as well as any adjustments to times.  In a future release a report of the full audit log of all changes will be provided.

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