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  1. Select Clients in the sidebar on the Main Screen, then select the Client and open their record by pressing the “Edit” button or double click on the Client’s name to open their record.
  2. clientnote-1

  3. On the Client record, select the “Notes & Issues” tab.
  4. clientnote-2

  5. To add a Note, click on the add icon.
  6. A new line will appear for a new note.
  7. clientnote-3

  8. Select the appropriate “Note Type,” from the drop down menu.
  9. clientnote-4

  10. Add an Expiration Date if the Note is time sensitive.
  11. Check the “Give Warning” Box if a visual warning is needed.
  12. Type the title of the Note into the “Summary” line and the details into the section below.
  13. clientnote-5

  14. You can also attach a document by clicking on the add icon in the “Attachment” section.
    NOTE: There is no limit to the amount of notes you store. The only limit is to the attachment size which cannot exceed 4.5MB compressed.
  15. A list of available documents will appear.
  16. Select the document to be attached and click “Open.”
  17. clientnote-6

  18. The selected document will appear as a listed attachment.
  19. To Save, Click on the save icon or “OK” to save and exit.
  20. clientnote-7

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