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If you are adding/creating a new staff member, please see the document titled “How to Add a New Staff Member”. This section deals solely with adding NPI numbers to an existing staff member.

  1. On the left side bar of NPAWorks, highlight “Staff” under your location/site name so that the Staff List is showing.
  2. addnpi-1

  3. To open the staff member’s record either double click on their name or click once to highlight the staff member and click the edit button (Edit Record).
  4. addnpi-2

  5. The Staff Member Record window will appear.
  6. On the General tab (first tab), just to the right of the Last Name, you will see a Special Identifier icon.
  7. Click on the special identifier button so the “Special Identifiers” window pops up.
  8. addnpi-3

  9. A window labeled “Special Identifiers” will open.
  10. Click on the green add button, a new line will appear.
  11. addnpi-4

  12. On the Type Field click the arrow to open the drop down menu.
  13. Select the Identifier you wish to add. NOTE: Identifiers in brackets are hard coded and cannot be deleted. Additional identifiers can be added by going to Edit-Customize Lists, from the main screen).
  14. Enter the ID/ Number/ Code in the ‘ID/ Number/ Code’ field.
  15. You may also add a note pertaining to the special identifier.
  16. Check the Private box if you do not wish the ID/ Number/ Code entered to be visible outside of this screen.

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